Agreement on Integrated Crossing Management

Agreement within the framework of technical dialogue
Date of signing:
December 2, 2011 – Agreement on Integrated Crossing Management,
February 23, 2012 – Technical Protocol on the Implementation of the Agreement on Integrated Crossing Management.

Agreement status:
The agreement has been implemented to a large extent

Parties / delegations

Normalizacija - Borko Stefanovic

Borko Stefanović
head of the Belgrade negotiating team

Normalizacija - Robert Kuper

Robert Cooper
Chairman – EU facilitator

Normalizacija - Edita tahiri

Edita Tahiri
Minister of Dialogue and head of the Kosovo * negotiating team


Normalizacija - Boris Tadic

Boris Tadic
President of Serbia

Normalizacija - Mirko Cvetkovic

Mirko Cvetkovic
Prime Minister of Serbia


Atifete Jahjaga
President of Kosovo *

Normalizacija - Hasim Taci

Hashim Thaci
Prime Minister of Kosovo *


Although one party recognizes the line as a border, and the other as administrative boundary, that was not an obstacle to reach the Integrated Border Management Agreement, known as IBM Agreement.

The Agreement implied integration of the crossings between Kosovo and Serbia, by the parties gradually establishing joint integrated points at all common crossings, applying the IBM model. A balanced presence of relevant authorities of both parties would be ensured at integrated crossings (customs, police, etc.) as well as the EULEX presence. Pursuant to the Agreement, in joint facilities within the zone where officers from both sides would perform their duty, there would be no state symbol placed.
Also, it is envisaged that the implementation of this Agreement be monitored by an EU-led group.

Out of six crossings total (Jarinje, Merdare, Mutivode, Brnjak, Bela zemlja, Mučibaba), so far only the Mutivode and Merdare crossings have been completed. After the agreement on economic normalization was signed between Kosovo and Serbia (in Washington, 2020), the Serbian party agreed to reallocate its staff to a new facility, after almost nine years of delay.

The essential points of the agreement

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