Agreement on Mutual Recognition of University Diplomas

Agreement within the framework of technical dialogue
Date of signing: November 21, 2011

Agreement status:
The agreement has been implemented to a large extent

Parties / delegations

Normalizacija - Borko Stefanovic

Borko Stefanović
head of the Belgrade negotiating team

Normalizacija - Robert Kuper

Robert Cooper
Chairman – EU facilitator

Normalizacija - Edita tahiri

Edita Tahiri
head of Pristina’s negotiating team


Normalizacija - Boris Tadic

Boris Tadic
President of Serbia

Normalizacija - Mirko Cvetkovic

Mirko Cvetkovic
Prime Minister of Serbia


Atifete Jahjaga
President of Kosovo *

Normalizacija - Hasim Taci

Hashim Thaci
Prime Minister of Kosovo *


The aim of this Agreement was to remove the obstacles to employment and/or continued education, which Serbs had undergone for many years following the completion of their education in Serbia and return to Kosovo, as well as Albanians, mainly from Preševo, Bujanovac and Medveđa, studying in Priština, with a diploma not valid in Serbia.

The same situation was with degrees taken from the University in Priština with temporary seat in Kosovska Mitrovica (Severna Mitrovica). In order for the students to have access to educational programs and employability in the region, the delegations of Kosovo and Serbia agreed to “ask” the European University Association (EUA) to verify the diplomas issued by universities from “both sides”.

The mutual recognition of diplomas between Kosovo and Serbia would be performed through the process of their certification by a third party, with subsequent recognition of diplomas on both sides. Thus, diplomas would be treated and processed through the same procedure like all other higher education documents of universities that not accredited in the country.

Tin collaboration with the local partner – SPARK organization, the EUA launched the process in late June 2012, by recognizing 74 diplomas from Kosovo.
Due to the limited progress made in the diploma recognition process, the Agreement was revised in 2016. The recognition shall be divided into vocational and academic, and apply to all levels of education. All the previously obtained EUA certificates shall be recognized by the parties and, in order to oversee the manner of implementing these agreements and conclusions, the EUA shall set up a three-member implementing group by the end of February 2016.

However, despite all deals, there are many difficulties in this process, so the recognition of diplomas has not been fully achieved.

The essential points of the Agreement

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